Managing Team Members Settings

How to add and remove users within Team members settings

Written by Nate Anderson
Updated over a week ago

To manage your Team members settings, start in the main Settings page.

From there, click into the Team members page from the menu on the left.

To add a new member to your team...

First click the Add member button in the top right corner of the Members page.

Next, enter users' emails into the popup box. Select their Role and which Locations they will have access to. Then, click Send invites. New members will appear in your company's Members list immediately and all invited members will receive an email invitation to join your Teero workspace.

For more information on different Role's permissions, click here.

To delete an existing member from your team, click the red trash button to the right of the name of the team member you'd like to remove.

Click Yes, remove when asked for confirmation, and the removed team member will disappear from your Team members list.

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