To edit an existing Messaging Template, start on your homepage. From there, click into your Settings page.

Next, click into your "Automated messages" settings.

Find the template you wish to edit, and click the three-dot button on the far-right side of its row.

Click "Edit".

Once on the template's editing page, you can edit all aspects of the Messaging sequence within.

Change the title of the template by clicking the text in the box at the top.

To change the type of Stage your template applies to, select the desired Stage type from the dropdown in the second section.

Add or delete steps in your sequence, or email or SMS messages that within those steps. You can also turn on or off types of messaging in your steps using the green toggle.

Within the "Edit" page, or when you add a new message to a step, you will be able to edit the text of your sequence's messages and insert variables to personalize each message to your Job and the candidate.

When done with edits in the template popup window, press "Save".

Change the order of the messages in your sequence by clicking and dragging the six-dot button in the upper left corner of each sequence portion's box.

To adjust the length of time between various messages in your sequence, select the time type (days or hours) from the dropdown seen below, and then type the number of that variable that you want to apply between the messages.

When you've made all the edits you wanted to make, click "Save", and you're good to go!

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