To create a new Messaging sequence template, start on your homepage and click into Settings.

Next, click into your Automated Messages settings from the menu on the left.

Once inside, click the blue "New Sequence" button in the upper-righthand corner.

In the sequence creation page, you can type in a title for your new sequence.

Next, you can select the type of Stage that you want this sequence to apply to from the dropdown shown below.

You can also click the box below the Stage dropdown if you'd like your new sequence to automatically apply to the Hiring Process of any new Jobs you create.

In the third section, you have the option to add one or both of Email and SMS messages to the first step of your sequence.

Once you click "Add", this window will open where you can type the subject and content of your message, and insert variables to personalize each message based on Job, candidate, etc.

When you've finished the content for that message, click "Save Changes".

Here is a sample of what a message with variables might look like. As you write yours, a preview of the sending version will appear in the box on the right.

Next, you can add another step to your message sequence.

These are useful for form sequences especially, as they can be used to send automatic follow-ups if a candidate doesn't fill out their form right away.

Adjust the length of time between messages by typing the number and type of time measurement you want the spacing to include.

Once you have added and edited all your template's stages, click "Save" in the bottom right corner.

Your new template will now appear in you Automated messages page in Settings!

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