Creating a New Job

How to set up a new Job from your homepage

Written by Nate Anderson
Updated over a week ago

Click the New Job button at the upper right side of your homepage.

Select the Job type and Location you would like your new Job to appear under. The chosen Job type's pre-added information will supply the description for your new Job.

To learn how to change these at a later date, see Editing a Job's Details.

Once you've filled out all of your new Job's details, click the blue button labeled, Next: Hiring Process.

Set up your Application questions and adjust the Stages to create your new Job's Hiring Process.

You can also edit the Stages later from within the Job's page.

For more on different Stage types, go here. To learn about setting up different Stages, see Managing Your Stages.

5. Once you've set up your Hiring Process, click the Create Job button at the bottom of the page.

6. Well done! Now your new Job will appear on the Jobs list on your homepage.

Its status will be Active.

To learn how to adjust your Job's status between Active and Inactive, go here.

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